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Electric floor heating

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Neotherm electric underfloor heating is used wherever an energy-efficient and space-saving heating solution is required. The great advantage of electric underfloor heating over water underfloor heating systems is that they require less floor space to be installed. Therefore, the installation of electric floor heating is generally cheaper.


Electric underfloor heating is an invisible heat source with no clutter from pipes or radiators. It requires absolutely no maintenance and used in conjunction with our advanced digital thermostat and Insulation, the system is very efficient and cost-effective to run. No more walking on Cold Floors!
The big benefit of electric underfloor heating over water underfloor heating systems is that you require less floor depth for installation, therefore, electric floor heating installation is generally cheaper to install. Electric cables also eliminate the chances of any water leaks under your floor.
The digital thermostat thinks ahead and calculates the required heat-up time and the amount of energy it needs. This digital clock thermostat is a high tech state of the art control unit for the wide variety of heating systems.

Heating Mat:

  • Self-adhesive Heating Mat
  • Directly into the tile adhesive
  • Self-leveling compound
  • In plaster or mortar
  • Anhydrite floors

A basic kit contains:

  • Heating mat
  • Flexible tube for the floor sensor
  • Installation instructions & Check card


  • Digital thermostat
Technical data
  • Only 3mm thin heating system
  • Easy step by step installation
  • Digital with floor sensor available
  • Available sizes from 1 to 20m²
  • 150 watts per m²
  • VDE certified according to 40042694
  • EMC-free 2-wire cable mounted on fiber optic network
  • 2.5 meter 3-core cable
  • Chrome / nickel resistance cable
  • FEP insulation
  • PVC protective jacket
  • Cable diameter about 3mm
  • 50cm mat width
  • Complies with current standards for installation in completely damp rooms
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