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Bathroom radiator Neotherm STR

Code: ntSTR

Towel radiators NeoTHERM, model STR, represents a perfect package of competitive price, high quality, and modern design.

The radiators are manufactured in accordance with EU standard EN 442 and are intended for installation in central heating systems as well as for use with an electric heater. Each radiator passes a separate pressure control as well as final processing control, which in combination with the quality of the raw materials guarantees the longevity and functionality of the product.


NeoTHERM STR are standard flat radiator towel radiators with an increased number of pipes (diameter: 22mm). This results in increased radiator efficiency compared to other radiators of similar dimensions, as well as savings in the area where the radiator is installed.

Main characteristics of bathroom radiators NeoTHERM STR:

  • the possibility of working in a central heating system as well as in combination with an electric heater (it is recommended that the heater power is 30% less than the total radiator output)
  • increased efficiency compared to radiators of similar dimensions (thanks to a larger number of pipes with a diameter of 22mm)
  • 4 brackets, air vent and 1/2" plug, in a package with the radiator
  • radiator dimensions - widths: 400mm to 750mm (according to the label in the product name)
  • radiator dimensions - height: 800mm to 1800mm (according to the label in the product name)
  • steel D profile: 30x40mm; transverse pipes: ø 22mm
  • distance for connection on the system: width - 50mm
  • radiators with center connection: 50mm
  • working pressure: up to 7bar (test pressure: 10bar)
  • declared thermal output: 75/65/20 ˚C (ΔT 50) / 90/70/20 ˚C (ΔT 60)
  • transport and manipulation protection: nylon wrap + carton box + nylon
  • Warranty: 5 years
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