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The NeoTHERM brand brand is the result of 20 years of experience in the field of heating technology and renewable energy. Under the NeoTHERM brand, selected products from leading EU and worldwide OEMs of HVAC equipment and accessories are available to the market.

NeoTHERM - Comfort for life, your first choice when it comes to quality, durability, functionality and design with an optimal price level.

NeoTHERM brand

In product selection, special attention is paid to meeting NeoTHERM quality standards. Prior to inclusion in the NeoTHERM program, each of the products undergoes specific control points such as compliance and compatibility with applicable norms and standards, energy efficiency, and long life functionality. All that with the aim of maximizing the satisfaction of both, end customers users and installers in charge of performing installations.

NeoTHERM products

The NeoTHERM program covers 4 main product categories:

  • solar water heating systems
  • equipment for underfloor heating installations
  • equipment for radiator heating installations
  • accumulation tanks

In addition to the listed main product categories, the NeoTHERM program is complemented by additional products (of NeoTHERM or another compatible brand) that together complete the offer and ensures the adequacy and compatibility of the installed elements.


The mission of the NeoTHERM brand is to provide a complete range of products from the domicile program of equipment for central heating and solar hot water heating systems while meeting the high criteria of quality, functionality, and design.


The vision of the NeoTHERM brand is to achieve a regional leadership position in the segment of product distribution that is an integral part of the program, based primarily on the program of high-quality products and by providing quality sales and after-sales support to retailers, installers and end customers of NeoTHERM products.